The Nominating Committee of the ACHE Western Florida Chapter Board is accepting nominations for the following positions on the chapter Board of Directors. Each position has a two year term, unless otherwise stated, beginning January 1, 2017.

Chapter board members are required to attend at least 50% of board meetings and a minimum of one educational event annually. Attendance at a majority of chapter events is highly encouraged.

General eligibility criteria for all Board positions include:

  • Must be a current ACHE affiliate with a minimum of one year of ACHE membership
  • Must have a demonstrated history of volunteering with ACHE
  • Must possess good leadership, communication, and organizational skills
  • Must demonstrate dedication to the ACHE WFC and its mission

How to Nominate or Be Nominated:

Please follow this link for the WFC Nominations form. The below requirements are due by 5pm October 24th. Please, email completed submissions (Complete Nominations Form and Resume/CV) to

  • Completed Nominations Form
  • Resume/CV of Nominee
  • Three nominating supporters: Two from FACHE Members and (at least) one from an existing WFC Board Member

Additional eligibility criteria and position information is listed under each position description.


The President-Elect generally assists and fills in for the President, as needed, while preparing to serve as President. This position will ensure a smooth leadership transition as the future President gains experience in the leadership role prior to becoming President. After completion of this one (1) year term as President-Elect, the individual will then transition to the President role. The President is responsible for calling and presiding at chapter board meetings and providing direction and coordination to other officers, members of the chapter board and members of the chapter. Upon completion of the two (2) year term as President, the final transition is to a one (1) year term as Immediate-Past President.


The Secretary shall be the Chapter Officer responsible for the maintenance of all corporate records, minutes, and documents. Candidates for the Secretary position must have previous ACHE Board experience, including completion of at least one term as a Director, Regent’s Advisory Council member or Committee Chair.

Membership Director

The Membership Director provides leadership to the Chapter Board of Directors and membership/advancement committees in developing member recruitment and retention activities, meeting annual membership goals, and evaluating member satisfaction.

Program Director

The Program Director shall be responsible for the planning of chapter meetings and events, including securing and confirming guest speakers and meeting facilities. Additionally, the Program Director guides the activities of the Local Program Councils.

Local Program Council Chair (North)

Under the general direction of the Program Director, the Local Program Council Chair – North shall be responsible for arranging and sponsoring educational and networking events in the northern region of the Western Florida Chapter. The northern region is generally defined as western Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Manatee and Sarasota counties.

Local Program Council Chair (East)

Under the general direction of the Program Director, the Local Program Council Chair – East shall be responsible for arranging and sponsoring educational and networking events in the eastern region of the Western Florida Chapter. The eastern region is generally defined as eastern Hillsborough, Polk and Highlands counties.

Sponsorship Director

The Sponsorship Director and Committee are responsible for raising funds to support Chapter educational programs and membership activities through solicitation of grants, scholarship, and event sponsorships.

Director-at-Large – 4 openings (Three 2-year term positions; One 1-year term position)

The Director At-Large is a Board position representing the interests and views of Chapter members, and may serve on Chapter Committees as either requested by the Board or the Chapter President, or as is their area of interest or expertise. The FACHE credential is preferred, but not required for the Director-at-Large position.